Park Alley

Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Messaging, Naming, Photography, Print Collateral, Retail, Social Media Management, Visual Identity, Web Design + Development

“I am here to help women feel comfortable—like, good-in-their-skin comfortable—in a shopping environment.” — Kelly Doyle

Dressing like a #boss, shouldn’t be a full-time job.

We couldn’t agree more, which is why we we’re so excited to partner with female founder, Kelly Doyle, to bring her mobile retail concept to life. Armed with an old bread truck and a passion for fashion, Kelly worked with our team to dream up everything from the name to running her instagram.




It’s more than just your next pair of jeans, it’s how you get them.

Whether Park Alley shows up to your doorstep for a party, a personal consult, or is spotted outside your favorite downtown spot, it’s guaranteed to deliver fresh threads to leave you feeling amazing. Park Alley is here to bring style and confidence to the women who run the world. We know that style is more than any single look: it’s how you live, it’s how you work, and more importantly, it’s how you feel.