What's the bottom line?

As creatives it’s important for us to be optimists, imaginers, even dreamers. But just like you, cost and value are the realities we live by. Our freshest ideas must always have specific goals and purpose, but we also believe the value of creativity is often worth way more than the actual hours spent.

Since valuing creativity may be challenging, we want to give you some insight right away into our value based pricing. Please find below a rough idea of what you may expect to see or hear when we discuss budget ranges.

Remember these are our fees – typically vendor expenses (like photographers, video or print) on projects will likely add on top of what you see here.

Foundational Branding

  • Special Projects (Hourly)
    Scope may include:
    Stand alone strategy or project
    Brand review/audit/advisory
    Web/technical consultation
    Great for special projects or to get started if you're unsure of your needs.
  • Visual Identity ($8k-$15k)
    Scope may include:
    Logo/Identity Concepts
    Asset guide, stationery suite
    Essential print/marketing materials
    You probably have a clear sense on your business objectives but need to look great and stand out in the crowd.
  • Personification ($15k-$25k)
    Scope may include:
    Naming and/or brand positioning
    Copywriting and voice creation
    Audience defining
    Logo/identity, asset guide, Print essentials
    You're probably just getting started or need to recharge your business.

Custom Web + Digital

  • Show and Tell ($18-$25K)
    Design + Development of small, bespoke website.
    Tell your story, show off your work or services
    Easy updates made via content management system
    The start of a great conversation with your clients and will help you close the deal.
  • Tell and Do ($25-$45k)
    In addition to telling your story, your site needs to drive overall efficiencies
    Custom content creation
    Capture leads and help drive business with call to actions
    These sites often feature integrations such as e-commerce and channel integrations.
  • Go and Get (45k-75k+)
    Your site needs to perform and help close deals.
    Drive business to your site through external channels
    Targeted content creation, and analytical optimization
    Standing out in the crowd and winning online business is essential to you.