Printing through Personify

We appreciate your business and want your brand to shine.  When it comes to printed materials, there are a lot of factors to consider;  paper stock weight, layout options, offset or digital printing (pantone or CMYK), emboss/deboss, foils, die cuts, just to name a few.

Over the years, we have spent countless hours learning about the industry and helping our clients receive quality printed materials.

We provide our expertise and management as a convenience to our clients and feel it is fair to charge for our expertise and management.  Below are a few FAQ’s to help clarify our role and your costs.

FAQ's and Clarifications
Do you mark up the cost?

Simple answer: YES.  We typically apply a 25% markup on our hard cost to clients.

The reason: Over the years, we have spent countless hours learning about the printing processes and vetting the professionals we work with and continue to expand our network of trusted vendors. Additionally, because of our knowledge and relationships, we often receive discount pricing,and  add project efficiencies and quality control. Other times, we simply know the best place to get you a good deal.

Sales Tax, is it included?

Some of our vendors charge sales tax to us, and other do not.  If they do not charge us tax, then we will include it in your final bill. If they charge us for it upfront, we will not include it again in your invoice.  In other words, sales tax will only be incurred once.

Can I use my own printer and pay them directly?

Of course you can.  We provide this service as a convenience to our clients and like to think we have hand selected some of the best in the business at competitive pricing. But we are happy to provide you with electronic files so you can take them wherever you’d like.

Do you actually print the materials?

No. Our printers are 3rd party independent contractors. Many of whom we have been working with for a long time, others may be online printing companies that focus on bulk orders or quick turnarounds. We select the printer we feel is best based on your particular job.

What if there is a mistake?

We do our best to ensure the accuracy of the content, but ultimately you are responsible for text, spelling, proof checking, etc.  Personify is not responsible for the cost of reprinting jobs you are not satisfied with.

Estimate vs. final bills

An estimate is just that, an estimate. We get quotes from 3rd party vendors and do our best to quickly and conveniently pass them along to you.

The final bill you receive may be different from the estimate based on a number of considerations: It didn’t include our markup, taxes, design time, shipping, etc. Or, perhaps, something as simple as the cost of paper just changed.