A job well-done!

For over 40 years, Sundance the Steakhouse has taken pride in the fact that very little has changed at their family owned and operated restaurant.  Their commitment to great food and excellent service is unwavering.  Personify was given the opportunity to modernize their brand (logo, menus, website) with keen focus on keeping their local history and tradition front and center.  We’re super proud of the end result. We hope you’ll check out the new site… but we’d advise not doing so when hungry.   And if you haven’t been in for a while… get back in to Sundance soon for some fine dining.  Always classy.

We thank the Fletcher brother’s for the opportunity. At the end of the project, we felt like part of the family.

Photography by GoodEye.

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“....I have never seen such a wonderful display of my restaurant. You guys are a class act to say the least. My hats off to you, Dan & Matt! This is truly spectacular and inspires me so much to create more. ”
– Owner - Sundance the Steakhouse