Extraordinary women inside & out

Formerly called Calla, but after a change of ownership and a horrible fire, the new owners, Phil and Tiger Bachler recognized an opportunity to rebrand and reinvent a community staple for women residing in the bay area and beyond. As locals, we had been in love with this Menlo Park boutique for years – and all the while thought it would be awesome to build a brand that would suit their sophisticated style.

Our initial discussions were about what they wanted the brand to evoke in their shoppers:  “alive, warm, stylish, sophisticated, classic, charismatic, loyal, girlfriends, & community.”  So naturally they chose a name that was both meaningful and memorable; Alys (Phil’s mother’s name) and Grace (their daughter’s middle name) seemed to combine the beauty and fluency they wanted their shoppers to experience, and their boutique was born. This husband and wife team, even from the first meeting, desired to give their clients a meaningful experience in Alys Grace. They wanted to simply but completely embrace a sense of community and fashionable style.

Through the design process we came back again and again to who shops at Alys Grace. The clients’ personalities and the fashion available to them are so essentially linked for this boutique, and they wanted a logo that would reflect that. When we came up with “extraordinary women inside & out” it seemed to perfectly describe the Alys Grace client. Alys Grace continues to promote real women wearing Alys Grace clothing as they do extraordinary things in their communities, highlighting all we do as women in today’s world.

From logo to bags to note cards and signage, this butterfly has a fashionably large following across the country – of extraordinary women who recognize and pursue quality!

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“Krista helped us navigate through the process to create our new brand identity that was consistent with what we felt our store represented to our existing customer base, but also that would attract and hold the attention of new customers. Krista facilitated these discussions so that her work was not just the creation of a logo but really the spring board for our store and brand identity. Krista was so critical in the creation of our brand identity…she does so much more than just create a logo. Krista has been an incredible listener, attentive to our creative musings, yet used her design expertise to guide us in the right direction. She is also efficient in her execution without sacrificing creativity--she responds quickly throughout the process yet you’re given beautiful options that are hard to choose between. We continue to enjoy working with the talented Krista on all our brand related projects!"”
– Phil & Tiger Bachler