Building a unique and custom approach

Natalie Hyland and Laurel McAteer came to me as Blue Coast Designs, not quite sure of what they wanted to change. They first came to me for a new website. Then after our initial meeting to discuss their goals and needs, they spent about 2 months getting other quotes and deliberating not only their need for a new website but possibly a new logo and maybe even a new name. When they called me back in for a second meeting we really entered the creative process and decided that an entirely new brand identity, including a website would be more aligned with their business goals.

Hyland is a strong family name, so it seemed the perfect fit for where they wanted to be. After presentations and more conversation, Natalie had an “epiphany” and decided on “Hyland Design Group.” They offer so much more than architecture and their name needed to encapsulate everything that they do. A strong name needs a strong graphic – one that will become very memorable on signage in front of her homes, so Natalie opted for the striking black and white, which will stand out and make an instant impression.

Natalie designs homes that are elegant but efficient, modern but approachable. I wanted to create a brand that reflects everything you would feel walking into one of their homes.

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“As a growing residential building design firm in the Bay Area, it became clear that we needed a new identity and website to reflect both the size and scope of services that our firm offers. We came to Personify with lofty goals and high expectations and Krista has exceeded every one of them. Not only does she deliver amazing design concepts, she also listens, advises, and changes course whenever needed. We now have a beautiful new logo and can't wait to see our finished website product, which we know will be another exceptional piece of work.”
– Natalie Hyland & Laurel McAteer