Meet Krista

Meet Krista

I created Personify because I was tired of working in a large design agency where I didn’t get to communicate directly with the client. My inspiration comes from speaking directly to my clients, their customers and diving deeper into the company to uncover how design can enhance the overall user experience.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I personalize literally everything I do. I customize every restaurant order, my hair looks different everyday, I refuse to follow a recipe and hate following trends.

Design is in my bones. Okay, I know that’s not a scientific fact but from day one, I’ve been a visual learner, a creative thinker and really bad at math. I feel like every thought has the potential to be visually ground breaking material, even if it’s just adding a piece of mint to my tea. For me, the small things matter and when combined with good “design thinking” it can be extraordinary.

I have a very active imagination and am inspired by visuals that most people don’t even notice. Over the past 15 years, I’ve learned how to take in those visuals and transform them from an idea to something tangible.

When I’m not working, I’m with my two adorable girls, Molly & Emily. They still think I’m a princess so I’m going to hold onto that as long as possible.

I have a healthy obsession for cooking, tequila and Pinterest.

Not everyone might know I am a fine artist and I can handle my own on the golf course. I illustrated & published a children’s book that was sold nationwide in Pottery Barn Kids called Alphabetica and developed an App called Cakewalk available in the App store.

If anyone cares about a designers education I actually studied and prepared for what I do in college.  I have a BA degree in Visual Communications from Indiana University. Go Hoosiers!

Those other design firms seek to win awards – here at Personify, we feel our biggest reward is our clients success directly generated from working in collaboration with us.

If I had more hours in the day I would play more with my kids, travel the world and spend more time with the people who make me a better person.